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World’s Leading Trends in 2015: Simply You Can’t Avoid

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

As we approach the halfway point in the year, I’ve been giving some thought to the business technology trends that have emerged or grown in 2015.  For many of you, some are more obvious than others.  But I believe that taken as a whole, all are commercially important as we push for massive success through the end of the year.

Let us take a quick look and see if any of them stand out more than the others.

1. Digital Marketing – There has been a wide range of trends including Big Data, Marketing Automation (specifically web personalization and behavioral email marketing), Mobile Marketing (Mobile advertising, websites and a wide range of apps), Social Media and Social CRM.

But what may surprise you is that Content Marketing alone accounts for almost 30% of the overall digital market share. So when you think about strategy and what works and what doesn’t, you may want to take this fact in consideration.  Conversely,  the lowest scored trend is Online PR.  Does that surprise you?

2. Knowledge Engineering – A true asset of the 21st Century created by the formation and networking of knowledge that creates high impact results. The key is to capture and analyze customer information specific to behaviors, desires, needs and wants – in a manner that is both timely and relevant to the consumer.

As a result, it is essential to effectively integrate key customer touchpoints across all marketing channels.

3. Future Leading  – It is now critical that companies do more to attract, engage and keep the best talent, manage innovation, lead virtual teams and set a clear vision. Why is this so important? Simply put, the value of exceptional talent is changing the landscape of human capital in the 21st century.  More than ever, agile and bold leadership is needed to successfully implement needed solutions and organizational transformation.

4. Extreme Technology – From Personal / Smart Robots, Stem Cell Organs On-demand, Nano-Medical Devices, Green Tech (with its wide range of new strategies) to Immersive Web (immersive technology that delivers sensation, experience, and emotion in rich online worlds) and 3D Printing (with a wide range of use and purpose across the industries).

We will also see more of Geo-Engineering which focuses on large-scale challenges, e.g., pollution, that will require not only brilliant people but huge investments in sophisticated tech innovative engineering as well.

Any surprises?  What new trends do you see in your industry? Please share your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, challenges, and solutions – I read and respond to all of your comments.


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