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25+ Years Track Record Of Helping People & Business Globally 

Founder of Legacy Leaders Institute, Creator of High Performance Impact Method, Best Selling Author, and one of the top global leadership and transformational executive and business advisors, coaches, consultants, and speakers, Izabela Lundberg has a rare combination of experience, education, and talent.


She carries Bachelor Degrees in Education and Global Business Management, and a Masters Degree in Leadership & Organization from the University of Denver, with a focus on Strategic Innovation & Change and Organizational Development & Training.


Izabela has conducted over 120 transformational trainings, workshops, and webinars. She conducted over 250 coaching sessions and spoke at over 55 conferences nationally and internationally. She appeared on TV, Radio, and Digital Media platforms, and today she is known as a big humanitarian and entertaining storyteller.


She's the author of the #1 International Best

Selling Book, The World Messenger: From Fear to Greatness: Business, Sports & Life Lessons, and The Legacy Leaders Podcaster.


Further, Izabela speaks six languages and has worked closely with people from over 110 countries.


Her passion is infectious and inspiring, her message is transformational, and her energy

is contagious from the stage to every  audience around the globe!


With over 25 years of experience, Izabela brings her successful transformational executive and leadership advisory, coaching, and keynote speaking to Fortune 500 companies, top NGO's, and fastest-growing disruptive tech-companies to solve their most pressing challenges. 


She is known as Forbes Contributing Writer & Coaches Council Member and LinkedIn Blogger often featured on a broad range of influential digital platforms. 


She is also a creator of a successful and transformational program, High Performance Impact Method, used for developing high performing entrepreneurs, business executives and leadership teams, as well as professional coaches and athletes.