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Grit & Grace: Practice And Passion Are What It Takes to Master Leadership TODAY

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Arriving at the office in a new Italian suit and silk tie and designer shoes may look simple and easy. New day, everything as usual or maybe not. In the sea of the executives, he or she blends in unnoticed or he or she just may stand out. Not because of his or her size in physical form or highly projected ego in his or her posture or voice, but the way he or she moves across the big lobby to the final destination, a conference room. He/she smiles, genuinely, he/she nods his/her head and he/she wishes good morning to everyone he/she encounters from the moment he/she parked his/her car in the big secure garage, rode in the elevator, and upon entry to the building. Today, on his/her mind is so many thoughts and points of view, especially the word view and his/her diverse trusted advisors’ perspectives.

Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom. ~ Friedrich Schiller

He/she knows, that his/her successful day will depend on how and if he/she will:

1. Consider the Glocal Perspective – Not only local, with most pressing issues in his/her HQ to make a decision! When looking to make a decision or steer a discussion in a specific direction, glocal, merged global, local and virtual decisions through the open dialogue would be the key to his/her success tomorrow.

2. Create a Safe Working Environment – Listening to news from multiple sources, building trusted advisory sessions and keeping the pulse on the change, while anticipating what is coming next. He/she is ready for his/her next move because he/she understands equally what is happening in the world and in his/her local community. Safety is not produced by building the wall. It is produced by not needing the wall.

3. Addresses His/Hers Employees Concerns – By answering the most pressing questions before he/she is even asked! Questions that are on everyone’s mind. Why? He/she is a different CEO, high caliber and a He /She is not ignoring the elephant in the room that is killing trust, productivity, and creativity in his/her organization. He/she proves once again that he/she cares, cares the most where it matters to him/her the most – his/her people in over 140 countries, some sleepless, stressed and sad due to swift changes that terror, hate and ignorance that can quickly overwhelm.

4. Push Out of The Limits – Stepping out of his/her comfort zone and limits once again, to do the right thing! This may feel so uncomfortable, even painful, but his/her grit mixed with elegance, class, and grace of his/her posture, raw, real and revealing reflects what kind of leader he/she is. The one that you want to not only work for but the one you just simply want to celebrate, cherish and follow. He/she is more than courageous, he/she is truly concerned about his/her people, and he/she is conscious about overall organization achievement as a team not only today but also long-term. He/she is demonstrating his/her resilience through his/her infectious optimism, confidence and creative solutions to the complex issues at hand.

5. Always Be Open to Learn – Especially when he/she is tested every day with a new challenge, problem or concern. He/she is looking at sustainable solutions including but beyond the bottom line. He/she is looking to strengthen relationships, establish new partnerships and venture out in relentless pursuit of sustainable engagement with highly diverse people within and outside of his/her organization. Deep down they know that they can get through anything with people's support. Do you know who is he/she behind the designer suit? Do you work for him or her? What is his or her name? Are you a leader of grit and grace? Be proud of the place that you live in, as well as being the pride of where you live!


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