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The core team at Matrix Advisory Group is a dynamic fusion of expertise and innovation, committed to propelling our clients toward groundbreaking success with strategic foresight and unparalleled solutions.


Izabela Lundberg


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Izabela Lundberg is the visionary founder and CEO of Legacy Leaders Institute and Matrix Advisory Group. She is a distinguished C-Suite Executive Advisor and Strategist who collaborates with leaders from dynamic ranging from startups and Fortune 500 companies to top government agencies, developing bespoke solutions that address complex global challenges.

Her strategic advisory and consulting solutions deliver insights into complex challenges, growth opportunities, and operational excellence. She leads transformative initiatives using AI momentum to bolster resilience, adaptability, and innovation in organizational change and the digital transformation phase, Evolution 3.0.

Izabela is equipped to propel significant organizational transformations with a BA in Global Business Management, an MS in Leadership and Organization focused on Strategic Innovation and Change, and expertise in Organizational Development and Training. Her strategic insights are powered by her High-Performance Impact Method™, which integrates AI, data, and analytics to create sustainable change and adeptly tackles AI integration challenges within business strategies.


Her extensive international experience, including working closely with professionals from over 120 countries and traveling to over 75, underscores the global reach of her role as a top executive leadership strategic advisor and consultant.

Her strategic advisory services offer profound insights into complex challenges, growth opportunities, and operational efficiencies. She spearheads leadership and organizational transformations that bolster resilience, adaptability, and innovation in organizational change and digital transformation, leveraging her global perspective to understand and address diverse business challenges.


Dedicated to cultivating champion cultures, Izabela aligns strategic initiatives with AI-driven solutions, focusing on talent as an organization's most vital asset. She also excels in cybersecurity and risk management, establishing robust frameworks to safeguard people, information and systems. Her leadership development and executive coaching programs also refine her skills for navigating complex global environments.


Izabela's professional achievements span a wide range of industries and demonstrate her versatility. She led a multinational through a strategic merger, increasing market share by 40%. Her optimization of international supply chain logistics resulted in a 28% cost reduction. She revamped risk management for a financial institution, significantly reducing risks and violations. Her corporate culture enhancement for a tech company led to a 75% increase in engagement and a 49.5% reduction in turnover. Her telehealth initiatives for a healthcare provider achieved over 90% patient satisfaction. These tangible results underscore her ability to deliver across diverse business contexts.

As an accomplished author, speaker, and thought leader, Izabela is an Amazon #1 International Bestselling Author, a Forbes and Coaches Council Contributor, a Global Excellence Awards recipient, a Legacy Leadership subject matter expert, a polyglot, a keynote and TEDx speaker, and the host of a top 1% global podcast. She has also produced an award-winning feature film.


She also dedicates her expertise to Drive for Five, an educational agency focused on live organ donation, education, and reform, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the business world.

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Jeffrey Herzfeld

CIO/ Legal Counsel

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Jeffrey (Jeff) Herzfeld, J.D., a Chief Information Officer and Legal Counsel at Matrix Advisory Group is a highly accomplished business executive, whose distinguished career has spanned over 25 years, and includes professional leadership roles in multi-dimensional capacities in which he enhanced and obtained asymmetric levels of success in various sectors—including but not limited to government, commercial real estate, finance, information technology, and legal and regulatory environments, underscoring a versatile and dynamic professional landscape.

As a seasoned expert, Jeff has made significant contributions to organizations ranging from nimble startups to sprawling multinational conglomerates. His ability to navigate the complexities of Fortune 500 corporate structures and his adeptness in spearheading strategic transformations marks him as a visionary in business realignment and growth.

Jeff's achievements at leading corporations like Parsons Brinckerhoff (now WSP), General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Wells Fargo & Kaiser highlight his capabilities, as well as his pivotal roles in not only generating over $1.5 billion in net new revenue but also in successfully navigating risk, while building-out new business units. These achievements also testify to his strategic acumen and proficiency in cultivating robust commercial relationships, orchestrating intricate agreements, and steering negotiations culminating in technology deals over an aggregate of 1 Billion dollars. Concurrently, his strategies have fostered operational improvements, contractual cost reductions, and enhanced efficiencies, yielding savings of a similar magnitude.

A cornerstone of Jeff's methodology is his analytical prowess, matched with an innate ability to delve into problem-solving. His approach is holistic identifying underlying issues, devising strategic options, and forging effective solutions. This skill set has been instrumental in his roles as a business leader, consultant, and attorney, where he has consistently delivered insights and outcomes that propel organizations forward.

Jeff's leadership extends beyond traditional business management; encompassing Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Sourcing and Vendor Management, Operations and International transactions. His successful foray into sectors as diverse as defense, space, and legal AI operations is a testament to his unparalleled breadth of experience and his ability to adapt and excel in any setting.

Notably, Jeff's influence on operational strategy, process improvement, and team development has been transformative. His unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in his capacity to mentor, coach, and drive teams toward achieving and surpassing their goals. Under his guidance, strategic relationships have been formed that have expanded not only commercial reach but also entrenched operational efficiencies and revenue growth, inspiring everyone to strive for the best.

Jeff's leadership philosophy is underpinned by a personable demeanor and an engaging communication style, which enable him to forge meaningful connections and foster collaborative environments. His unique blend of analytical and creative thinking ensures a balanced approach to decision-making, emphasizing both the macro and micro aspects of business strategy and making everyone feel included in the process.

His comprehensive expertise and forward-thinking approach have consistently delivered impactful results, making him pivotal in driving organizational success across multiple industries.

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John Cummins


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John J. Cummins, J.D. is a Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Contracts Officer at Matrix Advisory Group, a seasoned executive leader with extensive defense contractor experience. Over the past thirty years, John has held multiple positions of increased responsibility, primarily in the Contracts profession. Via extensive experience ranging from complex development projects for Government, Commercial, International, and Scientific/University entities to simple purchase/sales orders, he fully appreciates and understands the flexibility and creativity required to cover all aspects of contracting for business success.

John's commitment to his career is evident in his decision to obtain a Juris Doctor degree and become a member of the California State Bar while working full-time. He chose to stay in the manufacturing industry due to the team environment it offered, a testament to his dedication. John finds great joy in training and mentoring others, and his strategic business decisions have been instrumental in his most rewarding work experiences, which often involve international transactions and the challenges they bring.

John’s leadership skills are evident in his last role prior to joining Matrix Advisory Group at L3Harris Technologies, Inc.. There, he served as Director of Contracts for the

Maritime Sector where he oversaw a staff of 50 Contracts professionals spanning 4 Divisions across 20 domestic international sites responsible for approximately $1.8B of

annual revenue. His customer-focused approach, both externally and internally, fosters win-win solutions. Throughout his career, he has been a driving force in developing and

implementing best practices and procedures, ensuring execution sound business practices.

The above experience is preceded by positions in Program Management and Operations Administration, which provide John with valuable skills for collaborating across all functional areas within the high-tech manufacturing environment. Coupled with his business and legal education, he is uniquely equipped to provide competent and practical contracts/business expertise.

John's versatility is demonstrated by his ability to excel in various roles. In addition to his expertise in Contracts, he has also served as a Corporate Secretary, Ethics Officer, Procurement Manager, Anti-Bribery Officer, and Trade Compliance Officer/Empowered Official. This diverse experience showcases his adaptability and versatility in different professional settings.

While raising his children, John was actively involved as a football and baseball coach and serving on the Little League Board of Directors. He was also a member of his children's elementary School Parent Advisory Board. Having recently relocated to Colorado with a desire to embrace and serve his new community, John is now a Volunteer Firefighter with Genesee Fire Rescue.

John holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and a Juris Doctor degree from the Santa Barbara College of Law.

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