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Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 leader, you may experience many of the same challenges and needs that others are facing, such as:


  • Become a better leader by inspiring, motivating, propelling, and developing others to reach their full potential

  • Empower others to be better self-managers and leaders, trusted contributors, and champions of growth

  • Expand visibility in the organization through clear messaging and refining strategic communications while managing the political environment effectively

  • Address effectively long-standing issues with other members of the leadership team and gain team alignment

  • Learn how to lead through delegation, establish trust, and galvanize others to reach for success

  • Develop the leader’s team with greater assertiveness while driving results and solutions for fast growth

  • Clarify career development goals and develop executive presence, impact and influence

  • Develop a framework for prioritizing and delivering goals in a highly matrixed organization

Challenges that our service delivery and programs are designed to fix include the most pressing issues that are affecting your biggest asset: Your Talent.


By partnering with you we solve the root cause of issues that you are facing through effective:

Corporate, Executive & Team


  • Executive / C-Suite Executive Coaching

  • Cohort Leadership Coaching


  • Corporate Team-Building Retreats

  • Executive Mastermind Retreats




To support forward-looking leaders and companies in creating a healthy corporate culture that drives strong leadership, growth and collaboration in a diverse, people-centric environment.




We integrate your organization's leadership competencies with your preferred training methods ranging from StrengthsFinder, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Situational Leadership - SL II, Hogan, DISC or High-Impact Method into a solution that bridges the learning-doing gap within your team.



We are Disruptors who scale coaching to every single manager and team member with our practical micro-learning coaching sessions. We work with Upcoming and Seasoned Leaders that are fearless in doing the work and committed to putting in daily efforts by showing up to play big.

We Inspire Champion Culture, Thriving Organizations and

Build Legacies by Transforming Industry Leaders.

Create a team and organization everyone wants to be a part of

with High-Performance strategies that work!

Legacy Leaders Institute with a track record of 20+ years is serving its coaching clients to accomplish their goals through tailored and innovative solutions.


“She is a winner in life, and the more you get to know her, the more impressive you find her to be. I would encourage you to work with her.”


Stephen Cunningham

Co-Founder of Food Network & UCOPIA Communications

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Izabela is that kind of person who the Eveready battery bunny was modeled after. Izabela has the spirit, drive and energy to see opportunities and then put ideas into action that make a difference. She doesn't let obstacles stop her as she takes the good from each experience. A pleasure to work with, Izabela has the personal integrity to focus on helping others as the key to her successes.

bob forshay.jpeg

Bob Forshay

CPIM, CSCP, CLM Lean Supply Chain Management Expert

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Izabela is intelligent, humorous and compassionate. When she works with leaders and teams, she provides the honesty needed to overcome their challenges. She carefully chooses the words needed to move people from ordinary to extraordinary.

sherry winn.jpeg

Coach Sherry Winn

Two-time Olympian/ Leadership Passioneur

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