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"I absolutely LOVED “The World Messenger”! What an incredible personal story woven into a series of life lessons with stories of professional athletes and coaches as well as business leaders. Izabela is a Leader by an example of the highest magnitude. Her message is so inspirational and transformational! She impacts not only Fortune 500 business leaders and their companies but also professional sports and academia by coaching them to reach their highest level of achievement."

Dick Gould
Director of Tennis, Stanford University

Once You Open The Very First Page, You'll Embark On A Journey That'll Help You Breakthrough From Fear To Greatness In Business, Sport, and Life.

Izabela Lundberg, a world-class advisor, strategist, consultant, international best-selling author, and noted keynote speaker, gives away her best tips in her book, The World Messenger: From Fear to Greatness: Business, Sport & Life Lessons. EXPONENTIALLY increase your SUCCESS by DOUBLING your results!


  • How to discover your BIG WHY and position yourself for a tremendously impactful and success in business and life (Regardless of where you are today, YOU CAN change your life starting NOW). Leading executives from fast-growing startups have used Izabela's successful practical strategies to Fortune 500 companies.

  • How some of the best-known business leaders and professional athletes and coaches overcame the most significant obstacles against all the odds (EXCLUSIVE STORIES) and what you can learn to channel your success in your business, life or sport starting TODAY!

  • A blueprint – including a step-by-step process that takes you from where you are to where you want to be in RECORD time (THIS is the blueprint to follow if you're going to get massive success FAST).

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Coach Sherry Winn

Two-time Olympian

National Championship Basketball Coach

The Originator of the WIN Philosophy 

“When you read Izabela Lundberg’s, The World Messenger, you will come away inspired to take positive action immediately. Izabela’s ability to integrate stories and messages provide you with the concepts of how to create the mindset 
which will move you forward in business, sports and life.”

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Izabela Lundberg shares a message of hope and healing that people all over our planet need to hear. And heed. Listen closely.”

 Greg S. Reid
Best Selling Author of Think and Grow Rich “Stickability”: The Power of Perseverance

Three Feet From Gold

Close to the Finish Line, The Rise, etc. 

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“The path to set you to your destiny is in your hands! Izabela shows you how to go from where you are destined to go. Read it, apply it and arrive at your destiny!”

Douglas Weiss
P.h. D. Psychiatrist, Author & Speaker 

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