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Dario Montelongo Jr.

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Dario Montelongo is a distinguished professional with a multifaceted career spanning the military, information technology, cybersecurity, and academia. His journey began with resilience and adaptability, having moved seven times, attended two high schools before graduating, and embarked on a commendable stint in the United States Marine Corps. Achieving the rank of Sergeant (E5) and specializing in Field Artillery, Dario was honorably discharged and leveraged his experiences and discipline into a lifelong pursuit of learning.

Dario's academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Computer Resources and Information Management, and a Master of Science in Enterprise System Engineering. These qualifications have underpinned a career characterized by leadership, strategic thinking, and a profound understanding of complex systems.

He boasts a diverse and impactful portfolio of professional experience. For three years, he managed a $1.2 million P&L across five cost centers with 27 employees, demonstrating his financial and team management ability. As a Third-Party Risk Assessor for five years, he evaluated over 150 Fortune 500 vendors, ensuring stringent compliance and security standards were met. He showcased his meticulous attention to detail and understanding of risk in a global business environment.

Dario's expertise in network operations and incident response is evidenced by his six years of ensuring high availability in critical systems, where the stakes often involved life-or-death outcomes. His strategic vision led to consolidating nine data centers into three, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. As a Senior Operations Process Analyst, he was pivotal in establishing a Network Operations Center (NOC) that became a cornerstone for ongoing strategic operations.

For over eight years, he has been committed to incident and problem management, particularly in the healthcare and public safety sectors. His work within FEMA's Incident Command System underscores his capacity to operate under pressure and make critical decisions that impact public safety and welfare. Furthermore, as a nine-year graduate professor at esteemed institutions like DeVry, Regis, and MSU, he has imparted his knowledge in enterprise network design, critical infrastructure, and cybersecurity to the next generation of professionals.

Over eleven years of consulting in systems security for small to medium businesses highlight Dario's versatility and expertise in crafting robust security frameworks, emphasizing policy, business continuity, disaster recovery, and awareness training.

Dario holds the latest certifications as a OneTrust Privacy Professional, OneTrust Third-Party Risk Management Expert, and CSA's CCSK. He is currently pursuing further qualifications in cloud computing and information systems auditing.

Throughout his career, Dario has held pivotal roles as a USMC veteran, help/service desk manager, application support specialist, IT operations leader, NOC supervisor, incident analyst, response coordinator, and consulting systems security engineer. His work spans various verticals, including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, public safety, military, recreation, education, and consulting, showcasing a rare and invaluable breadth of knowledge and experience.

Dario Montelongo's career is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and profound impact across multiple industries. His journey reflects a continuous quest for knowledge, excellence in leadership, and a commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the systems that underpin our society.

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