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Izabela Lundberg, the founder of Legacy Leaders Institute, is a high-performance business consultant with an unparalleled experience.

She learned the fundamentals of good decision making, crisis management, and communication as a teenager caught in the three-and-a-half-year Siege of Sarajevo and its surroundings. Izabela escaped former Yugoslavia on the last convoy to save her sister’s life.

Over twenty years, Izabela has served businesses and organizations around the world in areas of high performance, cultural transformation, and hipper growth. She specializes in creating a champion culture and thriving organizations.

Izabela is a Contributor to Forbes magazine and a member of the Forbes Council Council. She is the host of Legacy Leaders Show, a podcast in the top 2% of global podcasts.


Her superpower is working with global leaders and organizations ready to disrupt the status quo, take a risk, and lead like a champion while solving, transforming, and accelerating the expansion and growth of their successful teams and organizations.

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💡 As a Corporate Advisor & Consultant, I build Champion Culture by aligning strategic & tactical initiatives with innovative solutions while focusing on the organization's biggest asset: Talent.

💡 I transform teams & organizations everyone wants to be a part of by creating the best-in-class talent experience.

💡 I implement business & talent strategies by creating champion high performance leadership, talent & organization while saving time & money.



🏆 Accelerated leadership and team engagement, performance and productivity 62%+

🏆 Increased talent retention by 59.5% customer retention by 47% and sales revenues by 52.5%

🏆 Revamped Talent & HR program by optimizing a new HRIS platform achieving 68.5% + improvement

🏆 Diagnosed vital organizational issues, and created and implemented a strategic process improvement roadmap with adoption rates of 92%

🏆 Partnered with key stakeholders to implement new strategies and systems to transform their organization and culture by improving org. effectiveness and talent performance by 61.33%


• Amazon's #1 International Bestselling Author • Forbes Magazine & Coaches Council Contributor • Polyglot, Keynote & TEDx Speaker • Globaly Top Rated Leadership Show/Podcast • Producer of Award Winning Feature Film

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There are those that say they are 'Leaders', but do not practice what they preach. Izabela is without question not one of them. Izabela is a true Leader of greatness, you see this in the way she communicates, the way she responds to challenges, and her ability to listen to understand rather than to listen just to respond.


I am 67 years young and have had many positions in my life, some in Leadership and some outside Leadership. I am a strong believer and always have been in the definition that the legendary Peter Drucker quoted when he was asked to describe the essence of a Great Leader, and in my estimation, Izabela exemplifies these true traits! ~ William M Slattery CSP, Account Executive w/Distinction

Izabela's focus on the importance of high-performance, human-centric/forward-thinking leadership through her Legacy Leaders Institute is tremendous. As a leader with 30+ years "at the helm," I can attest to her amazing thought leadership in this area.

Organizational leaders must understand the value of further developing new leaders after them. Izabela's Legacy Leaders Show/Podcast is great. She highlights proven leaders' careers and tips for developing the next generation.
~ Michael A Massetti, VP, Gartner

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