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Izabela Lundberg, the founder of Legacy Leaders Institute, is a high-performance business consultant with an unparalleled experience.

She learned the fundamentals of good decision making, crisis management, and communication as a teenager caught in the three-and-a-half-year Siege of Sarajevo and its surroundings. Izabela escaped former Yugoslavia on the last convoy to save her sister’s life.

Over twenty years, Izabela has served businesses and organizations around the world in areas of high performance, cultural transformation, and hipper growth. She specializes in creating a champion culture and thriving organizations.

Izabela is a Contributor to Forbes magazine and a member of the Forbes Council Council. She is the host of Legacy Leaders Show, a podcast in the top 2% of global podcasts.

As a Top 50 Most Impactful People On LinkedIn, Izabela reaches a large audience of thought leaders across industries around the world.

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To help trailblazing, game-changing leaders and entrepreneurs build their future-focused leadership capacity for massive success.


The high-level, strategic business advisory combines cutting-edge strategies to drive business growth and thriving organizations.


To help game-changing leaders and entrepreneurs positively impact their culture, community and clients.

Our Mission

To support forward-looking companies in creating a healthy corporate culture that drives strong leadership, growth and collaboration in a diverse, people-centric environment.


Our Values

In our transformational work with corporate organizations, we adhere to the highest standards of fairness, diversity and inclusion. We value transparency in client relationships, demand ethical behavior from our colleagues, and believe that servant leadership is the engine that drives success.


Our Culture

We prioritize our values above all else and live them each day, which governs how we grow, with whom we choose to work, whom we hire, the leaders we select, and our financial goals and investments.

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