At Izabela Lundberg International, our team of highly experienced consultants with a variety of industry background is focused on individual, team, and business intelligence solutions enabling our clients to reach higher performance, productivity and profitability impact. We strive to become a trusted advisor to your business and place the utmost importance on customer satisfaction through our high-performance impact consulting delivery.

Learn. Lead. Live Legacy!


Like a kaleidoscope, we all have many colored lenses through which we interact with and choose to see the world. As we grow and learn our view starts to change until fully crystallized. Context, timing and ongoing learning influence which lenses are in focus at any given time to produce desirable results and outcomes. We hold you accountable for exploring and examine all the parts of yourself so that you can show up in life fully and ready to shine brightly. Where is your untapped potential?


The fact is that every person has the potential to be a leader by taking a courageous stand for what they believe in. We ignite your authentic leadership that comes from self-awareness in bringing all of who you are to all that you do in personal and professional life. We help you to lead by example by honoring your core purpose, mission, vision and values. The laser-focused clarity indeed can move the mountains. Once you achieve clarity about the impact you want to have, we challenge you to take bold action. What difference are you making?

Live Legacy!

High impact performers too often reach the peak of their success only to realize that they were winning at the wrong game or with the wrong team. On your path of the pursuit of money, power and accolades it can come at the expense of health, wellbeing, relationships and overall life fulfillment. Discovering a more mindful approach to your life and leadership, we will help you to make more conscious choices and thrive in all aspects of your life in every way. By introducing and unlashing your full potential of high performance and an undying passion, you are on the path to living and leaving a lasting legacy in the world, beyond its impact on your immediate family. What do you want to be remembered by?

Ready to Take Your Leadership & Business to the Next Level?

I’ve been happy with results with your help and guidance. I’ve got great feedback from my personal branding efforts from total strangers, especially on what I’ve done on LinkedIn. Thank you for helping me with that!

Rasmus K., Vice President Halax Asia, Hong Kong

I increased my individual and team high-performance impact and productivity with less than 90 day over 100% due to Izabela's 3-day High-Performance Impact Leadership & Management Training and Virtual Consulting. Thank you for your outstanding assistance and support to be more effective leader and implementation manager.

Zoran K., Senior Assistant Manager Woolworths, Brisbane

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, I always look for the best practices to generate the highest impact following 20/80 rule: 20% of time and effort, 80% of impact and results. The High-Performance Impact Leadership & Management Training and Consulting by Izabela Lundberg offered exactly that: a specific executive level solutions to complex business issues, high-performance leadership and management impact coupled with Izabela's excellent training facilitation and consulting delivery.

Scott Palat, CEO Healthy Revelations & Tutorfi

I attended High-Performance Impact Leadership & Management Training in August of 2015 conducted by Izabela in Denver, CO. I learnt not only management, but also leadership techniques, and I enjoyed every bit of training by Izabela's excellent consulting and facilitation style. Good size of the group and a lot of discussions about various significant leadership and management issues and topics helped me to learn a lot in a short time. Izabela's way of teaching and sharing her own experience related to the topics made this training class even more valuable and interesting. As a newly promoted IT Manager, this training class was very helpful to me and I use the techniques I learnt from the class, every day at my work when I deal with my two highly diverse teams. The case studies discussed during the training class were very useful to understand and to apply the management and leadership concepts quickly. Even after the training class, when I needed, Izabela helped me with her virtual consulting advice. Izabela, you are awesome and "Thank you" for your willingness to help me to become a better leader. Keep up the great work!!!

Shiva K., IT Manager Republic National Distribution Company, Atlanta