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Why Fortune 500 Organizations Need Change Leaders

Demand for change leadership assistance and support is a rather urgent situation for Fortune 500 companies in today’s rapidly changing business world.

Why? If you haven’t noticed, many companies are going through major transformations. They often look for external assistance for quick turnarounds and focus on short–term changes while simultaneously working to grow their long-term global businesses. This is where things get complicated in addition to the always present, very complex, and high-risk business challenges regardless of the industry or sector.

The Business Objective – What exactly are you trying to accomplish? That is the question in my mind and an excellent starting conversation to have before getting too deep into the details around specific issues. If you don’t know the specific business objectives desired and how to measure what you’ve committed to achieving, stop, gain clarity and then proceed.

The Change Management Strategy – Are you leveraging strategic and tactical change management?

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic” ~ Peter Drucker

Drucker’s statement is profound, yet it’s difficult to not act using yesterday’s logic. This is why fresh approaches from outside resources can be so valuable. However, since fresh ideas are often different than the leadership team’s, conflict, confusion, etc. can arise. Thus; the key attribute of the leadership team it is a change leadership while collaborating with both internal and external talent to create the best strategies for the organization.

The Outcomes – Are you ready to make that big internal and public announcement about the change in your organization? It is critical to inform worldwide employees about the change that will be in effect before your public announcement. It is amazing how news spreads — even to the most remote places — due to so many people’s access to technology today. As a result, leaders within the organization are almost instantaneously receiving feedback in regard to their change leadership efforts.

Recently, I was asked what tools I am using while conducting Change Management consulting efforts. My answer is as follows:

It is essential to have a good layout for the process of change management. This can’t get accomplished effectively without using some type of change management tools, in order to implement the change management methods. Through my consulting efforts, I usually accommodate the types of tools that clients are already familiar with or using. If the tools selected by the client are effective, then simplicity is the key.

The Key Change Management Tools:

1. Flowchart – What I found to be very helpful is the use of a flowchart process that is easy to read and understand. This has proven to be true so many times when relating information to key stakeholders for effective brainstorming sessions and quick wins while finding innovative solutions to improve the change management process. It is an excellent way to gain employee buy-in as well as to train them around upcoming changes within the organization.

2. Data and Metrics – Further, to support and ensure successful change management efforts, please don’t forget to gather the needed data and metrics. It is very helpful to start conversations by knowing what and how something is measured, where the issues are, and what may also be going on that is less obvious within the organization.

3. Project Plan Lastly, if you don’t have a project plan, then you may have more challenges than solutions. I strongly believe by having a project plan in place, even if it’s a very simple one in Excel, this will lead you and your efforts to quicker and better results.

Please comment and share your experiences and best practices in leadership and change management efforts that led you to your massive success.


Massive success to you on your journey as a transformational leader!

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