Are you a high performer or high potential leader ready for the next step in your career, business or organization? Would you benefit from a coach – someone that you can confide in who would help you to see things from a fresh perspective?

Welcome to Izabela’s VIP Coaching! She works with Startup Business Owners to Fortune 500 Company Leaders who want to achieve High Performance Impact at the next level. Izabela help successful leaders to be even more successful! With her coaching, you can take your leadership to the next level – and guarantee results.

  • Discover and refine their unique personal style in a safe environment
  • Manage effectively fast-paced change and ambiguity
  • Achieve high-performance impact at work and personal balance
  • Increase their EQ and effectively read and navigate their political environment
  • Integrate into new and advanced roles and responsibilities more quickly
  • Build a solid foundation for managing and leading others
To move forward, all Private Coaching requires an application
to ensure right chemistry and mutual fit.

Izabela’s mission is simple! She helps success-minded leaders achieve positive lasting transformation and behavior – for themselves, their talent, and their teams. As your coach, advisor, and mentor she helps you to achieve desired results faster and more finically and emotionally rewarding!

"Return on Investment (ROI) in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported a stunning ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost"

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HIGH POTENTIAL COACHING: The High Potential Development Coaching program is for emerging leaders who have been identified early in their career. The high potential talent – it is someone that has been identified during the succession planning process as someone to develop quickly for increasing levels of responsibility.

LEADERSHIP COACHING: The Leadership Coaching program is designed for leaders in Manager or Director roles who are new leaders or have taken on significant responsibility, such us managing highly diverse teams. These new leaders are in the final testing ground before entering the executive ranks.

COHORT LEADERSHIP COACHING: The Cohort Leadership Coaching program creates an experience for 4-8 new leaders within an organization to work individually and collectively with a leadership coach by phone and in-person. Additional benefits from this program include deepening of peer relationships and specific group based outcomes generated by the sponsoring leader.

CUSTOMIZED COACHING PROGRAM: Sometimes it only takes one individual or team session to solve a problem or figure out an issue. That’s why we created the Customized Coaching session. Contact us directly to find out more information about our customized intensive executive coaching engagements.

C-SUITE EXECUTIVE COACHING: If your needs are unique and require additional services, talk to us about customizing a coaching experience that will deliver the outcomes that are critical to you, your team and organizations success!