Authentic Leadership: 5 Key Elements to Lead with Authenticity
January 24, 2015
6 Leadership Lessons From Powerful Women Leaders
January 24, 2015
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#1 The Most Important Leadership Tool

By making a decision to click on this post you are falling into two categories:

1. A strong, passionate leader who is curious and wants to validate that you are already utilizing the most important leadership tool.

2. Not sure what the most important leadership tool is and how to leverage its power.

Regardless of the category you fall into, I am glad that you stopped by. This information may help you as it has helped many others before.

Through continued global travels, I discovered a new depth of yet another realm of my own capacity to practice even deeper and more profound compassion, gratitude and yes, unconditional love.

WHY? It allows me to connect with people in such a profound, non-judgmental, open way so that linguistic, cultural, political, religious or age differences do not impose any limitations or barriers to sincere and open sharing of concerns or experiences of my audience.

These new horizons opened up so many wonderful opportunities for me to grow professionally beyond my typical career path. I was also able to meet exceptional people with whom I can nurture wonderful friendships in years to come.

HOW? By Leading from Within! This can be very challenging if you or your loved ones are experiencing struggles, have lost jobs, are battling illness, divorce or relationship break-ups, or losing your home. Regardless of your current circumstances, if you think for a moment, I am certain that you will find more reasons to be grateful than not.

This would be impossible to accomplish without unleashing the most important leadership tool – the heart!

Regardless who you respect, follow or admire, I am sure that in some way you will agree with this powerful quote:

“Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.” ~ Denzel Washington

As Thanksgiving approaches, I cannot help but wonder what all of you, my wonderful American friends, mentors, co-workers, and fellow community members will do during this holiday to make it better, richer, more memorable and profound experience for you and your immediate family members (and if you have a family, consider yourself very lucky), but also other leaders in our community.

Giving to charity – If you are on the go, or short with time, this may be the best and quickest way to spread your love to others in need. Write a check. In addition, writing a heartfelt note will warm up anyone’s heart.

Volunteering – So many nonprofits could use extra help. Donate, deliver or serve a Thanksgiving meal to the homeless, sick or elderly. Read a book or have a genuine conversation with any groups that you choose to serve. Heartfelt acts go a long way, especially in addition to a warm meal. Need more ideas? You can also explore additional volunteering opportunities on Thanksgiving through LinkedIn for Volunteers program.

Donating – Collect donations with your friends and family, regardless of their age or financial status. It will expand a deeper attitude of gratitude in your own heart and home – guaranteed.

Connecting with Neighbors – Visit your neighbors, especially those who are sick and housebound, they can definitely use a little cheer in their life.

Acting Positively – Regardless of what is happening with everyone around you, perform Random Acts of Kindness. Give someone a sincere compliment, a book they may like, a thoughtful phone call, email or postcard, or offer your help to someone in need, by being there as a supportive and intent listener.

What are your thoughts or ideas on how to give back this Thanksgiving to people around you, in your life, workplace, or community? Please share below – Love to hear from you!

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Massive success to you on your journey as a transformational authentic leader.

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