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Watch Izabela Lundberg, a featured guest on The Athlete Centered Coach Bill Patton show.

Exploring transformational leadership and how to do the work.  There has been a lot of great feedback about this discussion on leadership. Izabela would love to help you in your leadership ability and/or to transform your organization to be more effective, solve complex problems, and move forward into a new era like a true champ.

The World Messenger: The No. 1 Fear That Holds So Many Hostage

Izabela Lundberg, The World Messenger, is getting real and direct about No. 1 fear that is holding so many people hostage, especially during trying, challenging times. She is offering not only the answer but also a path to a solution to serious and motivated individuals on their path to greatness.

The World Messenger: Never Give Up

In this short video, Izabela Lundberg, The Word Messenger, shares a powerful message of why you should Never Give Up and how you can shift your mindset From Fear to Greatness. She shares first-hand experiences and an effective way to mover forward, even if you are standing all alone. Know that YOU CAN keep going!

Risk Management: Is Your Plan Working

Izabela Lundberg askes her Fortune 500 executive audience during the Risk Management Conference if it is their risk management plan working. And if so, how do you know that is working, she probes her audience.


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