November 10, 2014

How Are You Managing Organizational Risks

Several weeks ago I was approached to speak at an event organized by Deb Hileman, President and CEO, Institute for Crisis Management (ICM) and sponsored by Business Wire: Issues Management and Crisis Communication, as a guest speaker and panelist on the topic around risk management for Public Relations (PR) firms. This opportunity made me think of many current issues that we are hearing about in public affairs, sports, and the corporate arena as I was preparing for my relevant and value-driven presentation. Regardless of what industry you are part of or whom you are representing, it is essential to have a highly competent PR department and dedicated team. If you are utilizing one of the best PR firms in the industry, such as Edeman or Weber Shandwick the more time invested in advance with your dedicated team to respond timely to the crises at hand, will make a significant difference in […]
November 10, 2014

9 Reasons to Engage in Global Leadership Conferences

Often I am asked by peers, clients and community leaders about what conferences I attend and what value I see the most; especially now when we are having less free time, more responsibilities and often limited budgets to attend many global conferences. With excitement, I am getting ready for the upcoming 16th Annual International Leadership Association (ILA) Global Conference in San Diego, Oct. 30 – Nov. 2. WHY? My reasons are as follows: #1 Integration of a Wide Range of Sectors in One Place – Government, Business, Non-Profit, Higher Education, you name it! It is great to get a 360° overview on how today’s global business trends are impacting a wide range of industries, and where the biggest issues or concerns are coming that significantly impact day-to-day as well as long-term operations. #2 Global Best Leadership & Disciplinary Practices – If you are consulting for Fortune 500 companies, you simply must […]
March 3, 2015

How to Create High Impact: 7 Ways to Change Your Performance in Life, Business or Sports

Happy Tuesday! As The World Messenger (which by the way is the title of my new book) I’ve virtually traveled the world over the past month. From Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Croatia and Serbia to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Columbia, Argentina, Canada and back to my home in the US, I’ve been reflecting on dozens of astonishing conversations with some of the most fascinating and accomplished people in business and professional sports. I also got to flex my language muscles, hear the most appealing accents… and laugh at some things that were literally lost in translation. (Skype, you Rock!) While every conversation was unique and joyous, I found that they all shared a common thread:  Abundant and endless passion. Why Passion? Everything we do requires a particular level of energy. If we work on self-discovery and exploration (remember the good old days when we […]