November 10, 2014

How Are You Managing Organizational Risks

Several weeks ago I was approached to speak at an event organized by Deb Hileman, President and CEO, Institute for Crisis Management (ICM) and sponsored by Business Wire: Issues Management and Crisis Communication, as a guest speaker and panelist on the topic around risk management for Public Relations (PR) firms. This opportunity made me think of many current issues that we are hearing about in public affairs, sports, and the corporate arena as I was preparing for my relevant and value-driven presentation. Regardless of what industry you are part of or whom you are representing, it is essential to have a highly competent PR department and dedicated team. If you are utilizing one of the best PR firms in the industry, such as Edeman or Weber Shandwick the more time invested in advance with your dedicated team to respond timely to the crises at hand, will make a significant difference in […]
January 24, 2015

Your Leadership Path: Where You Are vs. Where You Want to Be

After more than a decade of researching, reading, studying and curiously seeking the best practices for leadership development, I’ve found a fascinating range of traits that many seasoned leaders possess. Did you ever wonder how CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies become the CEO’s? Did they have a boss who encouraged them? Did they have an excellent role model that they followed early on in their career? Did they have a clear plan early in their career? How did they get on the leadership path to begin with? With that said, how is your path similar or different from theirs? Are you where you want to be? Of course, not all leadership paths lead directly to the C-Suite. However, they can absolutely lead to highly visible and influential positions within an organization or community. What I’ve learned by asking questions, talking to trusted advisors and reading a wide range of bios […]