July 4, 2015

Power of Innovation: Fast, Furious & Financially ‘Glocally’ Rewording

Are you wondering about or have you been asked in your boardroom meetings, white boarding sessions or staff annual planning: How do we innovate and how do we do it better and faster? How do we seize transformative opportunities before our competition? How can we do it better, faster and maybe even a little bit cheaper or offer something extra? What are we not doing but we should be doing? What do world leading innovators do that others don’t do? Creativity is inteligence having fun!” ~ Albert Einstein   If your answer is “yes” then you are part of a small percentage of groups that are thinking ahead and eager not only to innovate but also to question, improve and change the wide range of practices and processes that may no longer be serving and providing value to their teams and organization, especially to key stakeholders. If your answer is […]