Unlike so many other so-called experts, Izabela was able to extend the issue of disruptive leadership beyond the corporation to encompass the community and the globe. It is in these contexts that these ideas reach their full value.

William Laraque, Managing Director US-International Trade Services

There are those who see a world full of possibilities and abundance. There are those who see a world of limitations and scarcity. The former are inspirational. The latter are not. Izabela Lundberg is the former. She is inspirational.

Stan Silverman, Philadelphia Business Journal Columnist & Drexel University Vice Chairman of the Board

President and Founder of Legacy Leaders Institute, Creator of the High Performance Impact Evolution ™ Method, Forbes Contributing Writer & Coaches Council Member, and one of the top global inspirational speakers, Izabela has a rare combination of EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION and TALENT


She carries Bachelor Degrees in Education and Global Business Management, and a Masters Degree in Leadership & Organization from the University of Denver, with a focus on Strategic Innovation & Change and Organizational Development & Training. Izabela has conducted over 50 training and workshop sessions, over 20 webinars, and she spoke at over 55 conferences nationally and internationally.


She’s the author of the #1 International Best Selling Book, The World Messenger: From Fear to Greatness: Business, Sports & Life Lessons. Further, Izabela traveled the world to over 40 countries, worked closely with people from over 80 countries, and she lived in six countries by age 21, and she speaks six languages. Her passion is infectious and inspiring, her message is transformational, and her energy is contagious from the stage to every audience around the globe! Hire Izabela Lundberg, one of the top motivational, inspirational and transformational speakers on Leadership to speak at your next conference or corporate event. Select one of Izabela’s Leadership & Organization Development Programs for the company or conference training: 90 minutes, half day and full day workshops, customized for your business needs. (NOTE: Link to workshop topics)


Having appeared on a broad range of TV, Radio and Digital Media platforms for her expertise on Transformational Leadership & High Performance Impact Team Development, Izabela is also known as Executive Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer to Fortune 500 companies. She is often featured blogger at a broad range of influential platforms including LinkedIn under Leadership & Management Group and creator of highly successful and transformational program, “The High Performance Impact Evolution” Method, used for developing high performing committed and motivated individuals among executive and business leaders, in addition to professional coaches and athletes.

You are Inspirational, Influential, and a Role model to all! We see You as the Female Tony Robbins!

Le Roi Bear, Co-Founder, Female Leadership Organization

  • Izabela is one of the few global consultants with a true understanding of world views and how it effects your business. She brings knowledge and intelligence to all of her projects along with enthusiasm and the ability to laugh. She is an asset on any project she works on.
    Christopher Bayes
    Partner at The Bayes Group at Keller Williams Realty DTC
  • Izabela is intelligent, humorous and compassionate. When she works with leaders and teams, she provides the honesty needed to overcome their challenges. She carefully chooses the words needed to move people from ordinary to extraordinary.
    Coach Sherry Winn
    Two-time Olympian/ Leadership Passioneur
  • I had the pleasure of working with Izabela, when she accepted my invitation to speak at a networking event with PMI MileHi. Izabela is a gifted speaker. She has an extensive background including experience in many cultures as well as her strong ability to incorporate interaction with valuable take-aways for the audience. Her lively and genuine personality makes all feel completely comfortable and interested to learn more. She is always encouraging and positive. She has proven to be one of the best speakers I have worked with at an event.
    Sarah Present
    Project Manager/Contracts Administrator at Oracle
  • Izabela and I worked together on multiple projects, during her work with Mike Haynes and in connection with her efforts to create cooking shows for young women (to tech them leadership). Her intelligence, passion, determination and consistency were great assets to the projects, and her good spirit always made the projects worthwhile. She is a winner in life, and the more you get to know her, the more impressive you find her to be, I would encourage you to work with her. It is definitely worth it!
    Stephen Cunningham
    Co-Founder of Food Network & UCOPIA Communications
  • Izabela is one of the most brilliant women I've had the pleasure of meeting in a very long time. Her curiosity and passion for her work is evident from the moment you meet her. Izabela will prove an asset to any organization who seizes the opportunity to bring her on their team.
    Kimberly Lucas
    Executive Search Consultant & Entrepreneur
  • I recommend Izabela without hesitation. Her commitment to excellence is unsurpassed. Connect with her for great result.
    Gary Barnes
    Speaker, Publisher Author, Sales Coach
  • It has been a great pleasure to hear Izabela speak at Ennovity's recent Innovation conference in New York City. As the conference's co-organizer, I greatly enjoyed her passionate talk about ways in which local, national, and global forces are increasingly connected in business development. Effective leadership, as Izabela demonstrates, means greater familiarity with how these processes interact. Her talk was empowering and extremely well received by our diverse audience of Fortune 500 innovation leaders, independent entrepreneurs and scholars of creativity & innovation.
    Elizabeth Radziszewski
    Visiting Assistant Professor at Leigh University
  • Izabela is that kind of person who the Eveready battery bunny was modeled after. Izabela has the spirit, drive and energy to see opportunities and then put ideas into action that make a difference. She doesn't let obstacles stop her as she takes the good from each experience. A pleasure to work with, Izabela has the personal integrity to focus on helping others as the key to her successes.
    Bob Forshay
    CPIM, CSCP, CLM Lean Supply Chain Management Expert
  • Izabela is a great and a very enthusiastic speaker. Her recent presentation at Innovation Collision 2015 was very well received. I highly recommend Izabela for consulting and public speaking engagement.
    Adam Radziszewski
    Innovation & Design Thinking Expert