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Branding 4.0: Are You An Irresistible “Glocal” Brand Part II

When and why branding is such a hot topic? Simply, due to constant change based on what the market is doing it is hard to come up with success recipe that will take you where you are today quickly to where you want to be.

The key ingredient in the Branding 4.0 recipe is consistent communication. The effective communication from leaders of the company to employees, and from the employees to consumers is essential. But what is often overlooked is communication from consumers back to not only employees but also to executive leadership to drive needed change by staying relevant and innovative.

The best ways to get started in creating and sustaining your company’s image is:

1. Authentic Message: Making sure that your brand is congruent with your company’s culture by staying agile while constantly improving and moving your core message across new channels.

2. Customer Feedback: Knowing what your current and potential customers think about your product or services, and then adjust accordingly. Key is to keep the current customers happy and satisfied while adjusting your message to ideal customers.

3. Competition Analysis: Learning and tracking key changes on the market and competition through wide range reports, including your competition gaps and weakness. This is an excellent opportunity for you to brand your business with additional value and attributes by comparing your products with your key competitors.

4. Brand Management: Creating your game plan to effectively and proactively ménage your brand is essential. It will assist you to reinforce your brand attributes and specific market niche.

As you already may know, branding the company you work for is not any longer enough. Based on popular demand and your questions from my previous post:  Branding 4.0: Are You An Irresistible “Glocal” Brand, I am sharing some of the golden nuggets with you during my presentation at the Denver Word Camp conference in this video.

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Please share your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, challenges, and solutions – I read and respond to all of your comments.

Learn… Lead… Love…  Izabela Lundberg  (@IzabelaLundberg) is CEO and Founder of Izabela Lundberg International. She is an Executive  Consultant, Trainer & Speaker for Fortune 500 and  Professional Athletes & Coaches. She is #1 International Best Selling Author & Leading Authority of Leadership Transformation From Fear to Greatness. Drawing on her extensive global business management, diversity, and high-performance impact expertise through her work with people from over 80 countries, Izabela also writes and speaks on topics such us  Strategic Leadership & InfluenceLegacy Leadership, & #HighPerformance #Impact.

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