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Jeffery Herzfeld

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For over 25 years, Jeffrey (Jeff) Herzfeld, J.D. has provided guidance and expertise to organizations ranging in size from startups, to multi-national global corporations.  His professional experience is decorated with leadership roles in multi-dimensional capacities, AND a high level of success across various industries (illustrating his wide-ranging ability to build, grow, and improve organizations).   


In those organizations, Jeff provided thoughtful insight into high-level strategic planning.  He then followed that with successful implementation efforts to build, grow and improve partnerships & alliances, business operations, and/or sales teams; while expanding commercial reach, structuring agreements and personally negotiating deals in excess of $1 Billion (and saving a similar amount via contractual cost reductions and improved efficiencies).  Sales teams which Jeff led produced over $1.5 Billion in net-new revenue, and he has successfully built / re-aligned 3 Fortune 500 Business Units.


Jeff is a relationship guy who is a client champion with a bias to action.  Additionally, he 

has worked tirelessly over the years to build a volunteer-run, Not-for-Profit Networking Platform (NExT) to help hundreds of other people expand their connections and networks. His volunteer and board roles on several other Denver based Not-For-Profits is also impressive.


Unsolicited recommendations  


“Jeff’s tool kit is impressive, but when you add his ability to build and re-align business units successfully, he looks very much like that impossible-to-find “Unicorn” … a renaissance man at an executive level with high IQ and EQ, where no task is too large.”

-From the CIO of a Medical Products company



Jeff draws the best out of people (as he did for me). He is the most positive and energetic professional I've met. His thoughtfulness, coaching and direct approach to identifying, planning and then tackling problems is very effective and well received by all that know him.

-From the former SVP, Corporate Development & M&A at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company



 If you are looking for a high-functioning executive to run a business unit, and/or to direct and enhance strategic planning, expand commercial reach, enable customer success, reduce risk, and drive value creation, you should take a serious look at Jeff.  

-From a technical executive at Los Alamos Laboratories



Jeff is the consummate problem solver. He brings a diverse background and set of experiences to bear on a particular situation and has an uncanny knack for thinking through options and carving out a path forward. He has done this repeatedly as a business leader at GMAC, as a consultant, and as an attorney.
My experience with him at [the] executive networking organization he founded, was tremendous. His ability to organize and manage such a diverse group of people was incredible. 

-From the former CIO of a Fortune 500 Financial Services company



Jeff supported my sales group He raised total sales volume as a result of his success creating new business relationships as well as expanding sales from existing accounts. He also proved very effective at reviving previously impaired relationships.  In addition to his business development talents, Jeff also provided outstanding market analysis and strategic sales planning to senior management and the field sales managers. He was also quick to help troubleshoot and resolve individual transactional issues. Jeff developed strong loyalty from the production sales team as a result of his availability, responsibility and readiness to champion their support needs. He was particularly passionate in his pursuit of new product development and identification of operational efficiencies in order to capture new business and elevate customer service levels. Altogether, Jeff's analytical input, attention to detail, ability to take charge of key initiatives and results-oriented nature made him a key contributor to our overall success.

-From the CEO and President of a National Lending Services company



I was first introduced to Jeff Herzfeld when he made a presentation to corporate officers at our company headquarters in Denver. After the initial contact, Jeff set up a meeting through our Division President to discuss how his team could help us address our most crucial requirements. Ultimately, through multiple informational meetings at which Jeff patiently responded to our “grilling”, we selected his company to assist our sales efforts.
I was thoroughly impressed with Jeff’s ability to quickly and accurately assess our needs, as well as to provide us with assurance through demonstrated expertise and experience that he could meet those needs. Jeff also put together an executive team to handle our account in which we developed enormous faith and trust. Perhaps even more impressively, after winning our business, Jeff maintained contact with me to ensure his team was always providing the promised “concierge-level” customer service we required, and to address any potential issues before they became problems. Moreover, Jeff helped me better understand how our two companies could effectively work together, and often strategized with me on ways to increase production and maintain our required outstanding customer satisfaction.
In all of my dealings with Jeff, I found him to possess the highest level of integrity, and to be personable, knowledgeable and professional. Jeff has the unique ability to simultaneously get the “big picture” and cover the details. He can be analytical and engaging at the same time, in sort of a left-brain/right-brain “mind meld”. While working with us, he quickly grasped complex issues, provided effective solutions, maintained a harmonious and friendly working relationship, managed a superb team and supplied outstanding results. In short, Jeff delivered on every one of his promises and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him personally and professionally.

-From a Division President of a Fortune 50 National Home Builder and a Fortune 100 2022 winner of “Best Places to Work”

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