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Jeffrey Herzfeld

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Jeffrey (Jeff) Herzfeld, J.D. is a highly experienced professional who has excelled in various leadership roles across multiple industries.

With over 25 years of expertise, he has provided guidance and support to organizations of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations. Throughout his career, Jeff has demonstrated a strong track record in building and realigning business units within Fortune 500 companies. He has also worked as a consultant, providing valuable insights and negotiating transactions with international corporations across diverse business verticals.

One of Jeff's key strengths is his ability to solve problems effectively. He possesses exceptional skills in investigating and understanding the root causes of issues, developing viable options, and creating pathways to successful solutions. He has applied this problem-solving approach as a business leader, consultant, and attorney.

His professional experience is decorated with leadership roles in multi-dimensional capacities, where he obtained high levels of success across various industries (including, but not limited to commercial real estate, finance, information technology, legal and regulatory).

Jeff is known for his insightful strategic planning, as well as his inclination toward impactful implementations. He has a proven history of building, growing, and improving business operations and teams. His expertise extends to coaching and training, as well as the formation of partnerships, and alliances. Additionally, Jeff has a remarkable record of expanding commercial reach, structuring agreements, personally negotiating deals, and achieving significant cost reductions and operational efficiencies.

Jeff has successfully created and managed large enterprises and led teams that produced over $1.5 billion in net-new revenue at General Motors Acceptance Corporation and Wells Fargo. He has also effectively managed relationships with corporate partners and acted as both an internal and external client champion, advocating for the best interests of the organizations he serves. He also has a history of expanding commercial reach, structuring agreements, and personally negotiating deals (aggregating in excess of $1 Billion U.S.,, and saving a similar amount via contractual cost reductions and improved efficiencies).

Jeff is characterized by his personable demeanor, extensive knowledge, and professional conduct. He possesses a unique blend of skills, effortlessly encompassing analytical thinking and engaging communication. This combination allows him to comprehend the big picture while attending to important details—a testament to his left-brain/right-brain "mind meld" capabilities.

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