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February 6, 2016
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July 4, 2016
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How to Thrive As Executive Leader TODAY

Team work in action - Mount Everest!

In different or difficult circumstances, we are challenged or called for various leadership skills, especially “take-charge leadership.”

Since everything around us is so rapidly changing, it calls for high performance in C-Suite, in addition to consulting the world to assist talent, teams, and organizational transformation effectively.

But to navigate the unexpected changes or disruptions, it calls more than anything for sound decision and execution with integrity and high ethical standards and reputation. The exact reasons behind this should not be the speed of communication and social media exposure but true 24/7 thought leadership traits. When you do the right thing, nothing is left to worry!

Today, success on big accounts will not fully unfold if organizations are only seeking someone’s talent or skill, without looking into their personality.

Nothing great is achieved without effort or commitment! And that effort and dedication need to come from the team, especially the leadership team.

More than ever leaders need to develop their capacity to read “the room,” understanding the personalities and dynamics to create optimal, innovative, strategic, and tactical solutions.

As we know, problems at hand can be solved from the same perspective that they are created from or with people that think and act like the rest of us.

The most critical functions for today’s C-Suite executives is to listen and communicate. And when they communicate, they should be able to provide an excellent:

1. Change and Transformation Management – Understandably, consulting skill sets are in high demand, especially executive transformation drivers that are equipped to make a decision quickly and more efficiently. In fact, right change agents are hard to come by! It is essential to recognize them, set them up for the success and allow them to drive significant change, growth, and transformation.

2. Exceptional Communication and Presentation – More than ever it is essential to have the skill set for executives and consultants to interact and deliver their presentation to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. Today, more than ever consultants need to be boardroom or C-Suite ready to achieve desirable outcomes fast and more efficiently, especially when solving complex issues or synthesizing relevant information.

3. Executive Presence and Relationship Building – The emphasis goes beyond cooperation and collaboration, it demands true relationship building with a team, supported by leadership executive presence, talent development, and a management skill set. How this can be accomplished quickly and effectively will depend on organizational culture, executive leadership and its involvement, and talent’s current leadership skill level.

4. Innovative and Technical Skill Set – Today no progress can be made without technical literacy. Soon, we will be dealing with the same situation when exploring and implanting innovative solutions too. As a result, it is important to continue to build industry specific acumen to further support rapid growth through nimble, innovative solutions and effective technology utilization.

5. Strategic Thinking and Execution – The opportunity to look at the strategy and tactical implementation for outstanding performance. It is important to know what it takes to implement a specific plan so that the organization is set for success with the appropriate skill set of the talent and teams. Knowing more about other functions within the organization will position executives for tremendous success by their ability to execute a vision correctly.

6. Tough Leadership – The most requested, highly specialized skill set in demand for exceptional talent, skill set, experience, and genuine passion for making a positive impact within the organization. To navigate talent, teams, and organizations in the right direction, it is imperative to lead in an authentic, ethical, respectful, and trust infusing way. But that alone is not enough. More than ever, organizations need leaders that will take charge and risk that comes with it to implement and deliver specific outcomes, especially during challenging times.

Massive success to you on your journey as a transformational leader!

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