By now if you are one of my 14,500+ LinkedIn followers, you know what I am passionate about and what I stand for. But if you are a new reader, please know that I believe leadership is a core and most fundamental aspect of all that we do – publicly and privately. What I am talking about in our blogs are new concepts, approaches and trends of leadership suitable for the demands of current and future corporation needs.

Conducting your buisness in a socially responsible way is good business. It means that you can attract better employees and that customers will know what you stand for and like you for it. ~ Anthony Burns, CEO Ryder Systems 1944

Based on popular demand, especially to my readers of the Entrepreneur Magazine for Arab Nations, I would like to offer a Glocal (merged local, global and virtual environments) Strategic Leadership, a 1:1 perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The key is that when we look at CSR, we need to look at it as a fundamental practice of a good glocal citizen! Why? Let’s take a quick look:

Beyond making a profit by supplying needed services or products, why are we in business? It is a big question. What type of influence and reputation do we have and who we are attracting into our business? Who are our partners, vendors, investors, consumers, and leaders?

through a business model with efforts beyond a minimum of regulatory requirements, we will extend and exceed tremendous results long term. It will allow innovation, and employee and customer engagement to take a place that will ultimately drive cost saving and brand differentiation among the competition, including trend-setting regardless of the industry.

To obtain these results, it is vital to take a look at the flowing three core elements:

1. Value-Based Culture – You can’t have it without excellent leadership presence! Regardless of how big or small a corporation is, shared core values, common language, executive leadership commitment and support, and strong moral presence and courage are some of the most vital elements for CSR to thrive.

2. Business Conduct Beyond Legal Requirements – Organizations that are struggling to act responsibly today, may not get a second chance tomorrow. Organizations that harness the responsibility aspect so well and are now marching further are the ones that are going places for a long run. In fact, they are trendsetters and role models to others!

3. Going Beyond Corporate Priority – Beyond confined safeguards of compliance, guidance and safeguards related to possible media coverage into a well-crafted glocal social and ethical culture that is positively influencing not only its employees but society as a whole. By institutionalizing ethical values that would make your own family and friends proud, you will achieve far-reaching goals so much easier and faster.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Contribution to the Society is the rent we pay to stay on this Planet!

The fact is that we live in a new era where digital environments are changing the cultural fabrics of the organizations and continue to dictate changes on daily business. The fact is that as a result of the change (like it or not, it is here) companies are creating (or lacking to create) effective, transparent and impactful CSR in addition to a digital footprint.

As I share in one of my previous blog posts, it is predicted that next 10-20 years over 40% of Fortune 500 companies on the current list would be replaced or some will be completely gone. WHY? Because not many companies are moving the needle toward an economy that is conducting the business in the way that top high performing talent and leaders would like to conduct business with. Like it or not,  a digital footprint will create more choice for consumers, and potential employees, than ever before. Key is to know how your organization is going to stack-up against the leading organizations in your industry.

As an old saying goes “… if I get a penny every time I hear how bad such and such organization is, I would be by now a millionaire”  or perhaps a billionaire, it may have some merit in quick organizational re-assessment and to get leadership motivated for the correct reasons to embrace CSR. To institute CSR in organizations today may not cost much or at all but rewards can be indeed tremendous year after year.

On the lighter note, I will be soon in Dubai, conducting multiple high impact comprehensive workshops and speaking engagements. Do you want to elevate your ability to perform at a higher level as a leader than you are today? Let’s talk: 720-371-3688 or Please feel free to reach out directly to address your and your corporate leadership needs.

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