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Dr. Pauline Crawford

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Dr. Puline Crawford is a behavioral expert and conversationalist, focused on the combination of business and life consciousness among men and women to value their true synergy impact when working together. She is the originator of Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©) a navigation map to understand natural reactive behavior patterns and often biased communications between men and women. Her goal is to ignite The Power of Authentic Harmony as individuals recognize the impact of their personal words and actions in every diverse situation and circumstance.

Over 30 years as a Performance and Culture Change Consultant, she has proven this awareness to be a primary influence in corporate and entrepreneurial leadership roles to maximize potential business performance through people engagement. With over 30 years’ experience in corporate U.K, Europe, Asia, and the USA, in 2022 she has expanded her global presence with two major roles as President-Elect 2023-24 Rotary Club of Global Impact and G100 Global Chair #PositiveMasculinity partnering with 100 Female Leaders on 100 Topics that shift the dial for Gender Equality. An author and international speaker, Dr. Crawford delivers unique conversation concepts and wellness culture programs to different countries of the world.

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