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Who is Izabela Lundberg?

Inspirational Magnetic Keynote Speaker, who knows how to energize, engage, and enchant an audience from organizations, universities, and charitable organizations to sports teams and a wide range of associations. Izabela is a unique individual who has a personal story sprinkled with miracles all over.


She is often described as

"… a woman that help us to restore our dreams,"

"pure inspiration and motivation,"

"… A leader with a big heart," and

"A change agent and someone who inspires greatness..." by her captivated global audience.


Conference EMCEE | Leadership Conferences | Business Organizations | Associations & Chambers | Women's Conferences | Leadership Consulting & Training Events | Non Profit | Faith Based | Youth & College Programs | Diversity & Human Rights | Global Annual Events



"Unlike so many other so-called experts, Izabela was able to extend the issue of disruptive leadership beyond the corporation to encompass the community and the globe. It is in these contexts that these ideas reach their full value." William Laraque, Managing Director of US-International Trade Services


"There are those who see a world full of possibilities and abundance. There are those who see a world of limitations and scarcity. The former are inspirational. The latter are not. Izabela Lundberg is the former. She is inspirational."  Stan Silverman, Philadelphia Business Journal Columnist & Drexel University Vice Chairman of the Board

"Thank you for joining our ISCA group today. I very much enjoyed your presentation and would also enjoy connecting." ~ Steven McCrown, Chief Architect, Anonyome Labs, Inc.

"Izabela is an extraordinary professional and human being. Her energy, enthusiasm, and leadership skills are always inspiring. She is a true champion of people, transforming trauma into living legacies." ~ Ana Melikian, Ph.D. CEO, Amaze Coaching LLC.

"Izabela is the definition of an influential leader! I'm honored to have met her roughly 6 months ago. One of the leadership skills I admire most of Izabela is her ability to build a community of thought leaders. She leads value-filled conversations around leadership and fosters an inclusive environment. She's passionate about helping others share their voice and experiences so that we can all collectively learn and grow together. Izabela played a role in the transformational journey I've been on and I'm sure I'm just one of many, many, many people she's positively impacted in this world!" ~ Alyne Padilla, Sr. Product Manager, 





Izabela spoke at our company's International Women’s Day Inspire Series talk. What a perfect keynote speaker she was for the topic! Inspirational, motivational, engaging, fun… she ticked all the boxes of what an audience needs. Her incredible journey from fleeing her country as a young woman to where she has now moved us all. Izabela was candid and articulate and really impacted everyone who attended on that day. Highly recommended!


Aziph Mustapha

Head of Culture Transformation & Employee Engagement at Celcom Axiata Berhad

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If you are looking for a speaker who has the courage to bring your audience to the point of walking away saying “What just Happen I was blown away from the impact that speaker had on me! Izabela Lundberg has the knowledge to bring your audience to laughter, tears, and shock all at the same time. She is not a teacher, she is not a trainer, she is not a facilitator, she is not a talking head… she is a communicator of the most intense level, she wakes up your mind and heart without skipping a beat.

Izabela is one of the most powerful communicators I have ever heard and I have hired and heard quite a few to speak at conferences for corporate executive coaches and workplace Equality and Equity.


CB Bowman-Ottomanelli

CEO, Association of Corporate Executive Coaches™ (ACEC)

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It’s rare that you come across standout speaker like Izabela. It was our true pleasure to have Izabella speak at the MN DAMA-day event and have her as part of our conference. Her presentation was inspiring, passionate and dynamic. I was impressed by her approach on engaging leadership in organizations on how to leverage Data Management and Advance Analytics to realize their full potential. She brought new insights about navigating/communicating with senior leadership in organizations, and packaged it in a way that people listened!! Her message was spot-on. Above all, Izabela is a lifelong learner and teacher. She has a message for the world and I urge all to listen. I highly recommend Izabela’s book and encourage people to hear her story. Thank you Izabela.


Steven Amusan

Data management Consultant at Wells Fargo

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Izabela is a great and a very enthusiastic speaker. Her recent presentation at Innovation Collision in NYC was very well received. I highly recommend Izabela for consulting and public speaking engagement.


Adam Radziszewski

Innovation & Design Thinking Expert

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It has been a great pleasure to hear Izabela speak at Ennovity's recent Innovation conference in New York City. As the conference's co-organizer, I greatly enjoyed her passionate talk about ways in which local, national, and global forces are increasingly connected in business development. Effective leadership, as Izabela demonstrates, means greater familiarity with how these processes interact. Her talk was empowering and extremely well received by our diverse audience of Fortune 500 innovation leaders, independent entrepreneurs and scholars of creativity & innovation.


Elizabeth Radziszewski

Visiting Assistant Professor at Leigh University

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