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Keynote Speaker

"Inspirational Magnetic Keynote Speaker, who knows how to energize, engage and enchant any audience with a personal story sprinkled with miracles." Izabela's transformational keynotes allow her audience to tap into their resilience and champion mindset as they break through their fears and setbacks."


Create Your Antidote For Great Resignation

Takeaway: This keynote transforms leadership perspective as they fight to win the Great Resignation by creating their antidote through reinvention: the future workforce!


Unlock Leadership & Legacy Champion Within


Takeaway: This keynote inspires and motivates others to find their leadership and legacy superpower while effectively tapping into their resilience while tackling the most complex issues like a Champion!


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Advisor & Strategist

"We struggled to bridge the gaps with our strategy and execution until we spoke with Izabela and worked with her team."


We work hand-in-hand with C-suite executives and their companies, eager to proactively identify their organization's opportunities by problem-solving through our advisory and strategy process and roadmap for success.

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"Opportunity to utilize operational and workforce improvements during massive change and transformation of our organization empowered our team more than ever, resulting in excellent customer experience."


Our consulting model focuses on delivering operation, customer, and talent excellence to our clients as they navigate the complexities of their ever-so-changing working environments.

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Executive Coach


Izabela has the spirit, drive, and passion for helping me to see opportunities and put them into actionable solutions that make tremendous differences in my highly demanding work. A pleasure to work with, Izabela has the personal integrity to focus on helping me and others to succeed very fast.

With our unique coaching strategies, I have helped dozens of businesses unlock talent and team engagement, performance, inspire collaboration and ignite cultural transformation.

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Facilitator & Trainer


"I increased my personal and team high-performance impact and productivity with less than 90-day over 100% due to Izabela's 3-day High-Performance Impact Leadership & Management Training and Virtual Consulting. Thank you for your outstanding assistance and support to be a more effective leader and implementation manager."


We are aware of today's most significant business, leadership, and talent challenges, and we are well equipped to solve them effectively with you with our transformational training and groundbreaking facilitation.

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Leadership Lab

Izabela's Leadership Lab was built on the fundamentals of the 20/80 rule: 20% of time and effort, 80% of impact, and results. "This was the best decision and investment I made as a CEO and lifestyle entrepreneur of a fast-growing enterprise."


Our Leadership Labs create a contagious and lasting impact on your talent, team and organization by elevating your leadership through cutting-edge learning by doing, designing thinking principles, and thought leadership development.

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Next Steps

Our clients succeed when we help them bridge the gaps between strategy and results while accelerating their achievements through reinvention and/or innovation.


· Initial intake assessment to identify scope and depth of challenges

· Facilitative leadership discussion to prioritize projects with the most significant, beneficial impact on the company

· Advisory Sessions, Strategy and Mapping Process, Progress Assessment

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