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Izabela Lundberg is an experienced global consultant in talent and business strategy, performance management, and business transformation powered by data and digitization.


She has worked as a consultant for over 20 years with global organizations and industries, including Loreal, Business Wire, Kaiser Permanente, Keller Williams Realty and many more.


She founded Legacy Leaders Institute (LLI), a premier global consulting firm.


At LLI, our purpose is to build trust and solve your most pressing problems with your Legacy & Leadership front of mind.



Our Consulting Services focus on:


Strategy & Goal Development

Through LLI’s Strategic & Advisory process, we’ll take you on a journey to fully embrace your starting point, the path forward, your desired destination and key checkpoints.

On your road to success, we help:

  • Define Your Vision & Mission

  • Craft Your Values

  • Determine Desired State & Outcomes

  • Conduct SWOT Analyses

  • Establish Short & Long-Term Goals & Objectives

  • Declare Explicit Accountability

  • Establish Leading KPIs & ROIs

  • Craft & Adopt Action Plans


Business Performance Management

LLI delivers exceptional value to ensure your long-term success and sustainability. In close collaboration with you, we develop meaningful and relevant performance indicators and metrics (KPIs, ROIs, Balance Scorecard, etc.) so you can track progress, assess performance, and deliver on your strategy.


We focus on:

  • Improving Your Business Performance

  • Increasing Creativity, Innovation & Growth

  • Decreasing Cost, Conflict & Crisis

  • Improving Talent/Team Engagement & Performance

  • Enhancing Leadership & Organization

Business Transformation Management

LLI is committed to creating new value for you by embarking on a seamless Transformation Journey. We work together in discovering untapped opportunities through insight-led transformation by going beyond legacy conversations.

We focus on:

  • Transforming Your Talent, Leadership & Organization

  • Generating New Organizational Capacity

  • Accelerating Agility, Learning & Resiliency

  • Amplifying Customer Centricity & Focus

  • Creating New Value & Harnessing Revenue Growth

We welcome clients that are desiring or already actively practicing ESG and DEI & Belonging as part of their business model.

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