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I am solving the global “Great Resignation”

by creating a Champion Culture & Thriving

Talent, Teams & Organizations.

Through engagement and performance, I have helped dozens of businesses unlock talent and team potential with our unique coaching strategies by inspiring collaboration and igniting cultural transformation.

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Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 leader, you may experience many of the same challenges and needs that others are facing:


  • Become a better leader by inspiring, motivating, propelling, and developing others to reach their full potential

  • Empower others to be better self-managers and leaders, trusted contributors, and champions of growth

  • Expand visibility in the larger organization through clear messaging and refining strategic communications while managing the political environment effectively

  • Address effectively long-standing issues with other members of the leadership team and gain team alignment

  • Learn how to lead through delegation, establish trust, and galvanize others to reach for success

  • Develop the leader’s team with greater assertiveness while driving results and solutions for fast growth

  • Clarify career development goals and develop executive presence and influence

  • Develop a framework for prioritizing and delivering goals in a highly matrixed organization

Create a team and organization everyone wants to be apart of

with High-Performance strategies that work!

Legacy Leaders Institute with a track record of 15+ years is serving its coaching clients to accomplish their goals through tailored, innovative solutions as follows:


Tailored 1:1 leadership development for executives and leaders focused on their goals, challenges, particular strengths, and any areas for development. Creating a solid and trusting partnership allows leaders to gain greater self-awareness, tap into their potential, broaden their leadership skills, and change behaviors through lasting personalized transformation.


The Cohort Leadership Coaching program creates an experience for 4 to 8 new leaders within an organization to work individually and collectively with a leadership coach by phone and in person. Additional benefits from this program include deepening peer relationships and specific group-based outcomes generated by the sponsoring leader.


The Leadership Coaching program is designed for leaders in Manager or Director roles who are new leaders or have taken on significant responsibility, such as managing highly diverse teams. Before entering the executive ranks, these new leaders are in the final testing ground. Be ready!


The High Potential Development Coaching program is for emerging leaders who have been identified early as someone to develop quickly for increasing levels of responsibility.


Sometimes, it only takes one individual or team session to solve a problem or figure out an issue. That is why we created the Customized Coaching session. Contact us directly to learn more about our customized intensive executive coaching engagements.


Our private One-On-One Mentorship allows you to create a trusted relationship with your coach. Throughout weekly or monthly coaching sessions, your coach will address your specific needs by crafting custom solutions to bridge the gap between your business and where you want it to be. Together, we will walk through any challenges that come your way, guiding you to reach your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

If you are at a crossroads, schedule a time to chat with us here. Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together to find your path to a healthier and more successful business and a happier and more fulfilled life.


EXECUTIVE LEADERS MASTERMINED GROUPS are focusing on the most pressing challenges that leaders are facing TODAY!

In an atmosphere that fosters confidentiality, collaboration, and critical thinking, actual impact, innovation, and influence by The Legacy Leaders of TOMORROW!

Are You Ready to Collaborate, Mastermind and Problem Solve with some of the most Influential and Accomplished Executives in the Executive Leadership Mastermind Group?


We are available to organize on-site or off-site client single or multiple-day leadership retreats. The end goal is for the client or organization to emerge with an agreed strategy and action plan developed to achieve specific results.


Company retreats can be game-changing milestones that redefine teams, bring out the best in the top and emerging leaders, and position organizations to take the next step confidently and successfully. Imagine your next strategic meeting with a clearly defined purpose, free of distractions, expertly executed, and encouraging creative participation that is engaging, innovative, and disciplined.


Executive retreats are designed to address rapid changes and uncertainties that are executives around the globe face today.

Some of the most pressing challenges that we focus on are:
· Breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional high, performing teamwork
· Fostering innovation in an increasingly competitive global and local economy
· Charting a course in the face of change and uncertainty with clarity and determination
· Managing fast-paced, rapidly growing organizations

All Executive Mastermind Retreats are facilitated by the best professional organizational change agents that specialize in executive retreats & executive team building.


Let us design & facilitate your NEXT retreat?


Izabela and I worked together on multiple projects in connection with her efforts to create cooking shows for young women (to tech them leadership). Her intelligence, passion, determination and consistency were great assets to the projects, and her good spirit always made the projects worthwhile. She is a winner in life, and the more you get to know her, the more impressive you find her to be, I would encourage you to work with her. It is definitely worth it!


Stephen Cunningham

Co-Founder of Food Network & UCOPIA Communications

  • LinkedIn

Izabela is that kind of person who the Eveready battery bunny was modeled after. Izabela has the spirit, drive and energy to see opportunities and then put ideas into action that make a difference. She doesn't let obstacles stop her as she takes the good from each experience. A pleasure to work with, Izabela has the personal integrity to focus on helping others as the key to her successes.

bob forshay.jpeg

Bob Forshay

CPIM, CSCP, CLM Lean Supply Chain Management Expert

  • LinkedIn

Izabela is intelligent, humorous and compassionate. When she works with leaders and teams, she provides the honesty needed to overcome their challenges. She carefully chooses the words needed to move people from ordinary to extraordinary.

sherry winn.jpeg

Coach Sherry Winn

Two-time Olympian/ Leadership Passioneur

  • LinkedIn
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