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Izabela Lundberg

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Izabela Lundberg is the visionary founder and CEO of Legacy Leaders Institute and Matrix Advisory Group. She is a distinguished C-Suite Executive Advisor and Strategist who collaborates with leaders from dynamic ranging from startups and Fortune 500 companies to top government agencies, developing bespoke solutions that address complex global challenges.


Her strategic advisory and consulting solutions deliver insights into complex challenges, growth opportunities, and operational excellence. She leads transformative initiatives using AI momentum to bolster resilience, adaptability, and innovation in organizational change and the digital transformation phase, Evolution 3.0.


Izabela is equipped to propel significant organizational transformations with a BA in Global Business Management, an MS in Leadership and Organization focused on Strategic Innovation and Change, and expertise in Organizational Development and Training. Her strategic insights are powered by her High-Performance Impact Method™, which integrates AI, data, and analytics to create sustainable change and adeptly tackles AI integration challenges within business strategies.


Her extensive international experience, including working closely with professionals from over 120 countries and traveling to over 75, underscores the global reach of her role as a top executive leadership strategic advisor and consultant.


Her strategic advisory services offer profound insights into complex challenges, growth opportunities, and operational efficiencies. She spearheads leadership and organizational transformations that bolster resilience, adaptability, and innovation in organizational change and digital transformation, leveraging her global perspective to understand and address diverse business challenges.


Dedicated to cultivating champion cultures, Izabela aligns strategic initiatives with AI-driven solutions, focusing on talent as an organization's most vital asset. She also excels in cybersecurity and risk management, establishing robust frameworks to safeguard people, information and systems. Her leadership development and executive coaching programs also refine her skills for navigating complex global environments.


Izabela's professional achievements span a wide range of industries and demonstrate her versatility. She led a multinational through a strategic merger, increasing market share by 40%. Her optimization of international supply chain logistics resulted in a 28% cost reduction. She revamped risk management for a financial institution, significantly reducing risks and violations. Her corporate culture enhancement for a tech company led to a 75% increase in engagement and a 49.5% reduction in turnover. Her telehealth initiatives for a healthcare provider achieved over 90% patient satisfaction. These tangible results underscore her ability to deliver across diverse business contexts.


As an accomplished author, speaker, and thought leader, Izabela is an Amazon #1 International Bestselling Author, a Forbes and Coaches Council Contributor, a Global Excellence Awards recipient, a Legacy Leadership subject matter expert, a polyglot, a keynote and TEDx speaker, and the host of a top 1% global podcast. She has also produced an award-winning feature film.


She also dedicates her expertise to Drive for Five, an educational agency focused on live organ donation, education, and reform, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the business world.

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