What I Learned From the Best Coaches and Players Before the 2014 US Open
October 28, 2014
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October 28, 2014
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Career and Leadership Lessons Learned by the Best: Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic

9-1-14-i1The opportunity to watch live tennis matches is priceless. It is a totally different feeling to be in the stadium with thousands of others, especially in the venue in NYC, at Ash Stadium during the US Open 2014. I feel very grateful and fortunate from multiple avenues to have had this experience and opportunity, especially as a passionate tennis fan, high performance coach and fearless leader in the making.

Lesson #1: Developing your own style and personal brand.

Watching Djokovic’s style; classy, elegant, creative, playful performance that reflects his joy and passion for the game, was priceless. Seeing him maturing over the years to keep his emotions in check makes him even more desirable as a player, as well as to stand out from others as an athlete. He is a living proof that you can be the best if you work hard for it: “Nobody actually played tennis in my family.”~ Novak Djokovic

Lesson#2: Delivering a strong physical, emotional, tactical and strategic performance.

9-1-14-i2That is exactly what Serena Williams delivered on the court with V. Lepchenko. It was intense and an enjoyable match at the same time. It was interesting to see the mental and emotional shift between both players as the game was progressing, reflecting on a deeper level as to what it truly takes to win a match and continue to succeed. In the end, you have to be responsible for your own action and overall performance.

Lesson #3: Each player and/or performer is at a different point of his or her career.

That is so true for every single one of us, regardless of the path you have chosen. It is not prudent to only compare yourself with the opponent or your direct competition in order to secure a better ranking as a player or employee performer.

Each one of us has a specific skill set that makes us unique, successful and strong. Each one of us also has flaws and weaknesses that help us understand ourselves and make us wiser by systematically and proactively encouraging us to work on them to improve.

In conclusion, in order to be the best and stay the best, consistent work, training, and practice are needed. A new generation of young talent is coming and it’s essential for us to be the best example as possible to them; as a coach, mentor, leader or colleague.

Massive success to you on your journey as a transformational leader!

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