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Your Leadership Blueprint to Massive Success

I absolutely LOVED “The World Messenger”! What an incredible personal story woven into a series of life lessons with stories of professional athletes and coaches as well as business leaders. Izabela is a Leader by an example of the highest magnitude. Her message is so inspirational and transformational! She impacts not only Fortune 500 business leaders and their companies but also professional sports and academia by coaching them to reach their highest level of achievement.

Dick Gould, Director of Tennis, Stanford University

The path to set you to your destiny is in your hands! Izabela shows you how to go from where you are where you are destined to go. Read it, apply it and arrive at your destiny!

Douglas Weiss P.h.D. Psychiatrist, Author & Speaker

Izabela Lundberg shares a message of hope and healing that people all over our planet need to hear. And heed. Listen closely.

Greg S. Reed, Best Selling Author of Think and Grow Rich "Stickability": Power of Perseverance, Three Feet From Gold, Close to the Finish Line, The Rise, etc.

When you read Izabela Lundberg’s, The World Messenger, you will come away inspired to take positive action immediately. Izabela’s ability to integrate stories and messages provide you with the concepts of how to create the mindset which will move you forward in business, sports and life.

Coach Sherry Winn, Two-time Olympian, National Championship Basketball Coach, The Originator of the WIN Philosophy

If you’re ready to positively transform your life, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by Izabela Lundberg. Izabela truly cares about helping others and her ideas will make a positive difference in your life!

James Malinchak Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire,” Author of the Top-Selling Book, Millionaire Success Secrets, Founder

I was moved by your book especially the stories of people you met related to your life and work, Izabela. What an inspiring and timely role model you are for what is again happening in the world.

Kare Anderson, Author, Keynote Speaker and Forbs & Huffington Post Columnist

As Publisher and Executive Editor for BIZCATALYST (a global business resource portal), I’ve had the opportunity to preside over the curation, editings, reviewing and publishing of over 11,000 essays in recent years, the vast majority of which focused on Leadership - from virtually every conceivable aspect. Upon reading Izabela’s new Book, it was a refreshing surprise and indeed a pleasure to discover a “treasure trove” of unparaled leadership perspectives. What separates Izabela’s thought leadership from the rest is her approach - effective drawing “real-world,” experienced insights, which provides the reader with actionable intelligence. Bottom line - Izabela has now set the standard for what many refer to but few deliver, that is; authentic LEGACY leadership principles…

Dennis J. Pitocco, Publisher & Executive Editor,

Izabela Lundberg’s engaging story is one of big dreams, amazing persistence, powerful drive, and creative adaptability. Izabela brings a unique perspective to “battling one’s way to the top.” She survived a brutal civil war in her homeland with her passionate commitment to making her dreams come true, no matter the odds. She is a true world messenger. Izabela is a global citizen with a message of hope for every person, no matter their circumstance. You will find guidance, peace, and inspiration in her book.

S. Chris Edmonds, Best-selling author of The Culture Engine and Leading at a Higher Level


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