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Bill Gilmore

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Bill works as the Coordinator of Career Connected Learning for Littleton Public Schools, where he is the career and technical education point of contact and is helping to develop an innovation center called the EPIC Campus. The EPIC Campus will place students at the center of career related environments where they are supported by higher education and industry in pathways such as healthcare, computer science and cybersecurity, aerospace, entrepreneurship, construction trades, future educator, and natural resources. These pathways will also be woven through the entire system of learning in the district starting in Pre-K all the way through partnerships with community colleges and universities.

Bill previously worked as the Colorado state Program Director for Career and Technical Education for STEM, Art & Design, and Computer Science with the Colorado Community College System.

Previous to that he was the District STEM Coordinator for Englewood School District in Englewood Colorado, Bill developed Colorado's first district-wide K-12 STEM system of learning, including STEM labs in every school that support STEM pathways for computer science, agriculture, and engineering/advanced manufacturing that are predicated on the needs of the Colorado economy.

He has over 15 years’ experience in education, and 15 years’ experience as an environmental geologist, including seven years with Raytheon Polar Services as the Environmental Manager where he oversaw operational and scientific projects for the United States Antarctic Program.

He currently holds a CTE Directors license, Administrators License (Superintendent), Professional Teaching License with an endorsement in secondary science, and a Career and Technical Education License with a STEM endorsement through the Colorado Department of Education.

Bill Believes that"Time and space for students to create, innovate, and fail in a safe environment is key to cultivating an educational culture that develops critical thinking and problem solving as a base for all learning."

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