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November 10, 2014
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9 Reasons to Engage in Global Leadership Conferences

Often I am asked by peers, clients and community leaders about what conferences I attend and what value I see the most; especially now when we are having less free time, more responsibilities and often limited budgets to attend many global conferences.

With excitement, I am getting ready for the upcoming 16th Annual International Leadership Association (ILA) Global Conference in San Diego, Oct. 30 – Nov. 2. WHY?

My reasons are as follows:

#1 Integration of a Wide Range of Sectors in One Place – Government, Business, Non-Profit, Higher Education, you name it! It is great to get a 360° overview on how today’s global business trends are impacting a wide range of industries, and where the biggest issues or concerns are coming that significantly impact day-to-day as well as long-term operations.

#2 Global Best Leadership & Disciplinary Practices – If you are consulting for Fortune 500 companies, you simply must stay current in order to be successful. It is essential if you are sitting in the executive suite, to think right now, today, about what leadership legacy you intend to leave behind and how you want to be remembered by your employees and colleagues. One of my favorite thought leadership influencers is Mr. Peter Drucker, who I often quote in my speeches and blogs. I only regret that I missed the opportunity to meet him in person years ago at one of the leadership conferences that I decided at the last minute to not attend.

#3 Extraordinary Results of Leadership Research – I am so grateful to all doctoral and post-doctoral leadership researchers for investing years of their lives to find the best solutions, practices, and patterns in leadership development that organizations need, not only for today but also in the future.

#4 BIG Leadership Ideas – Exposure to ideas and concepts that can and will make a significant social impact in the world on an individual level as well as within communities! This is an excellent practice that can expedite the greater good for humankind and you can be part of it – what an incredible opportunity and exposure. You, too, can play BIG games with the BIG players.

#5 21st Century Thought Leadership – Extraordinary pipeline of talented leaders that companies need the most in today’s ever-changing environments are in one place at the same time! Wow! An opportunity to learn, grow, influence and inspire others is too hard to pass up. Staying agile and thinking from different perspectives around issues and challenges that we as leaders face today sets you apart from millions of others.

#6 Exposure to Your Audience – People who follow you, read your books and publications about leadership content are going to be there! The audience that you are influencing (and may not even know) is eager to meet and ask you more questions. Further; you can exchange business ideas that can assist both of you to develop further your executive presence and success.

#7 Professional & Academic Knowledge – It is so important to have both professional and academic perspective around leadership development and growth to support individual and organizational needs.

#8 People With Different Perspectives Around the Globe – In my mind, this is a priceless opportunity in and of itself – sitting in one room with global leaders from more than 40 countries. Exposure to different points of views that can provide a better global perspective and assist you in modifying your views and options to be the best leader you can be as a result; is too hard to pass on.

#9 Unleash the Leadership Potential in Yourself and Others – In my humble opinion, more than 90% of the incredible opportunities, growth and lifetime connections happen when you show up! Show up and unleash that amazing leadership potential that you bottled up within yourself so that you can assist others to be the best leader they can be as a result of who you are.

Massive success to you on your journey as a transformational leader!

Leave a Legacy – A Legacy That Matters!

Be a Legend –  Your Legendary Way!

Learn… Lead… Love…  Izabela Lundberg  (@IzabelaLundberg) is CEO and Founder of Izabela Lundberg International. She is an Executive  Consultant, Trainer & Speaker for Fortune 500 and  Professional Athletes & Coaches. She is #1 International Best Selling Author & Leading Authority of Leadership Transformation From Fear to Greatness. Drawing on her extensive global business management, diversity, and high-performance impact expertise through her work with people from over 80 countries, Izabela also writes and speaks on topics such us  Strategic Leadership & InfluenceLegacy Leadership, & #HighPerformance #Impact.