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November 30, 2015
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10 Aspects to More Successful Leadership: Consistent Engagement & High Performance Impact

Legacy Leadership by Legendary Leaders: JFK

Travels change us, challenge us and transform us! Exposure to a broad range of experience with people and places, can touch us and enrich us in ways that we will never be the same. These experiences can leave a mark on and within us in the most profound ways, some meaningful, some magical and some memorable.
The journey of a legacy leader never stops and is often not easy, yet I promise you it is worth the reward!

Recently, I spoke at the Denver Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), where I had the opportunity to interact with a group of 60+ people from a broad range of industries from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
When I asked how many of them are not happy with their current position and current employer, the answer was over 80% people in the room. The larger the company, the more dissatisfaction with the day-to-day job there appears to be. You may be wondering why that is. Is it surprising? Maybe or maybe not. Regardless, I would love to hear from you what your experience has been.
Leadership development does not have to be as time-consuming, very expensive, or a painful process in creating a culture of teamwork and organizational as well as individual success. Success should not be measured through the lens of stakeholders share, but by people who invest their time and talents to contribute the most to create and build the piece of the pie: employees.

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Nothing kills employee creativity, contribution and communication faster in a working environment as does fear. But you may be wondering how to achieve better and more sustainable results for your organization today. What is the fundamental distinction and foundation of the true power of leadership success?

How can we bring everyday heart and soul of our employees to serve our customers and each other by making the highest impact within and for an organization?
It may be worth exploring the ten leadership distinctions for every organization gearing up for the successful 2016:
1. Appreciated – Fast, real, visible, and genuine! When culture is created to be a culture of appreciation, it increases people’s drive to do make things happen faster, like nothing else.
2. Empowered – Venture out of the normally confined space with ideas, creativity and solutions by providing room to try new and different things. Encourage your team to be their best or to improve their processes. Solutions that get created through collaborative and strategic team thinking can better lead to positive results and success. Change from within is far more readily accepted.
3. Involved – Knowing what skills your talent has and allowing them to contribute to departments and functions within the organization. Unleashing employees passion with a new opportunities or projects is excellent way to show how much leaders in organization care.
4. Mentored – Management the old fashion way does not work effectively without leadership in today’s business environment. Why? It creates more conflict, crisis, and challenges than the solution. The Proper selection of mentor/mentee skill sets and personality is the key. Let it happen organically if possible – not by force or by assuming everyone has the same type of character.
5. Inspired – To challenge them in the ways to be the best they can be! The fact is that only 3.5% play at the pro level! How many opportunities are missed with the remaining 96.5% of untapped talent? How is that translated into ROI and bottom line? If you think bottom line – you stay on the bottom, with a small group of supporters. If you think the upper or top line, as Pro Leader, then you stay on the top, on top of everybody’s mind, with exceptional respect, results, and YES – revenues!
6. Competitively Compensated – It is time to squash the competitive hiring cliché by bringing people by saving a little bit of money and offering unequal pay just because you think you can. No one likes to do same job or position for less than the guy next to them, especially if they are doing a better job. Know where people are and adjust where they need to be before they adjust themselves into a new job somewhere else.
7. Valued – In the way that increases their productivity without only considering profitability! If we don’t let our colleagues and employees know by our actions that they are valued, why should we expect them to work hard or to stay?
8. Trusted – Live the tribe and group mentality only when everyone is included and adjust from there accordingly, if needed. Keep at bay ego-tripping “we don’t know you well yet”, or “prove yourself first” mentalities and the ever changing “rules of the game” are so toxic, cancerous and game players like that are not leaders within the organization to be respected.
9. Mission Oriented –Expose the bigger and greater organizational goals with employees so they can envision themselves long-term within the organization! Judging someone by the piece of paper or narrow-minded perspective of his or her capability will kill the execution of the mission before he or she is even given a chance to run with it.
10. Promoted – Give credit where credit is due, consistently! Too much sabotage or self-credit of someone else’s success, by their tears, sweat and overtime hours, is not only “not cool,” but should be considered abusive and unprofessional.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. ~ Carl Jung

Now, let’s roll-up our sleeves – we have a lot of growing and work to do! Time to develop and hire more leaders through innovative and respectful approaches to strengthen organizations before top talent starts jumping ship.
Wishing You Massive Success in 2016!
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