What To Expect With Izabela:

  • Izabela has delivered many presentations, from groups of 8 - 800+, and will be one of the easiest speakers for you to work with!
  • She shares inspiring REAL LIFE stories, such as living in five counties on her own since her 18th birthday, surviving the war and than thriving in new environments while helping 10, 000+ people to do the same from 100+ countries worldwide; to struggling in the corporate world to building and leading the most talented high performing teams.
  • Her stories are funny, engaging, entertaining and create memorable moments for your audience. Izabela’s presentations will empower people within your organization to Unlock High Performance Leadership no matter what their position or title is, and motivate them to take control of their future success NOW!
  • Izabela is passionate servant leader and humanitarian with big hart that loves people and with hers exceptional personal story and social media presence, she will help promote your event if desired, and will engage your group before, during and after she has spoken!
  • She’s a great speaker for all types of audiences, executive and business conferences, women’s conferences, leadership programs and events, youth programs and so much more! Wherever you need to motivated and inspired people, Izabela is your speaker!
  • *Give your audience an unforgettable experience that they will remember months after, by bringing Izabela Lundberg to your next event!*

Step 1: Choose one of Izabela’s Inspirational Speeches or Workshops