• Executive Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion Subject Matter Expertise
  • Talent Development, Management & Engagement
  • Organizational Development & Effectiveness
  • Cultural Transformation & Innovation
  • Speaking, Training & Workshop Facilitation
  • High Performance Impact Talent & Teams


Izabela Lundberg is an International Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Humanitarian and Artist, whose clients include start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

WHY IZABELA? The High Potential Development Coaching program is for emerging leaders who have been identified early in their career. The high potential talent – it is someone that has been identified during the succession planning process as someone to develop quickly for increasing levels of responsibility.

COACH: Executive 1:1 and team coaching has been Izabela's true passion and specialty for more than a decade. She is effectively delivering solid results, faster action, and deeper learning critical to the success of her diverse global clients.

CONSULTANT: Specializing in assisting executives and leadership teams in solving their most complex challenges and issues through cohesive strategic planning, organizational change, and process transformation. A trusted advisor from start-ups to Fortune 500 C-Suite and governing boards in a wide range of industries and known as a top high-performance impact global consultant and facilitator.

SPEAKER: Speaks on a wide variety of relevant and transformational topics, from global business and organization to personal and professional growth. An excellent keynote who utilizes years of robust global enterprises and leadership acumen.

TRAINER: She has conducted over 50 training and workshop sessions, over 25 webinars, and she spoke at over 55 conferences nationally and internationally. She has provided facilitation and training to a wide range of global leaders through their process of their leadership discovery and team transformation, growth, and change.

AUTHOR: Izabela is the International Best Selling Author of the book: The World Messenger: From Fear to Great: Business, Sport & Life Lessons. A proficient thought provoking writer authoring hundreds of articles, columns, proposals, presentations, and speeches with many featured on LinkedIn under Leadership and Management, the BizCatalyst360 platform, and many more.

HUMANITARIAN & ARTIST: Over 20 years of experience working on the most difficult and challenging human rights issues with people from over 80 countries by using photography, poetry and the stage to address the global audience from high schools and universities to international conferences, exhibits, and events.

Izabela Lundberg is highly valued and respected by her clients for her exceptional work with the integrity and ability to produce desired results.